Vehicle Accident Damage

Whilst driving it is important to be alert and observant, paying attention to everything that takes place around you – this means 100% focus on the task without distractions. There any many potential hazards for a driver such as pedestrians, cyclists, motorbikes, lorries and of course other car users – all of these should be observed whilst driving to your destination.

Even when you are paying attention and driving to the best of your ability unfortunately accidents can still happen – this may be a third party who is at fault or just a lapse in concentration on your part. In these cases it can be extremely useful to carry an accident camera in your vehicle which enables the resulting damage to be recorded for later use. Many mobile phones are now fitted with cameras, otherwise you could simply carry a low cost digital or disposable film camera.

Recording accident damage to either another vehicle or even property could be useful when settling any insurance claims and can be cost effective in the long term. In non-fault accidents, such photographic evidence can help in proving liability of others and improve your chances of recovering damage costs.