The word and/or terminology ‘cloud’ is becoming ever more popular throughout the world, whether for use in marketing campaigns by a large corporate brand or even the person living next door who may have mentioned it in conversation.

In general terms the word ‘cloud’ or ‘cloud computing’ refers to data or software services stored in a remote location which can be accessed from the convenience of your office or home computer via an internet connection. These services can also be accessed by mobile devices such as phones, laptops or tablet’s.

One of the more common uses for both office and home operators is that of data storage, i.e. documents or images which someone has saved. These can be saved on a local computer, laptop or other mobile device and additionally copied to a cloud location possibly for backup purposes or to be accessed when visiting a business client or family friend. The benefit can be two fold – backup of your valued data, whether this be images or documents, with the bonus of being able to access from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.