It is important that adults try to keep their weight at the recommended amount dependent upon their height. In the UK it is suggested that a healthy weight for a male or female adult who’s height is 5 feet and 10 inches should be approximately 9.5 to 12 stone, or 60 to 76 kilograms. Anything below the minimum figure is considered under weight and likewise someone who weighs more than the maximum is classed as over weight.

A healthy and balanced diet combined with regular exercise should make for an achievable recommended weight figure. Often there are other factors involved which make the reality of loosing weight a lot more complex. For varying reasons, many people find it difficult to loose weight and turn to alternative methods, even such extremes as surgery in the form of liposuction or gastric bands. For those who are less inclined to have surgery, there are other methods to aid weight loss such as virtual gastric band hypnotherapy, where the sub conscious mind is reprogrammed into believing that you have actually undergone an operation without the need for any actual surgery.

Eating habits are often dictated by lifestyles – a busy stressful day could mean not eating as much due to lack of time – by the same token this could result in feelings of unhappiness upon returning from work, causing somebody to eat a large unhealthy meal in order to counteract the poor day they have experienced.