Timber can be used for many products in both the commercial and private market, from small wooden decorative items through to large beams used in building construction. Many households will contain something made of wood, whether it be the building itself, the wooden fence or a table and chair set in the garden.

Most will associate commercial or trade use of timber with items such as windows and doors for use in the building trade, although most houses have wooden frames at the heart of their construction whether it is simply for the roof or the main structure. Some timber will be sourced from the UK although a large portion will be brought from overseas, commercial buyers may source their stock from a timber trade supplier in their relevant country, these products could range from fencing, railway sleepers or decking, through to larger items such as sheds or log cabins.

The use of products such as log cabins is becoming increasingly popular with people looking to setup an office at home without the cost and planning implications of building an extension.