Hot Runner Systems

In a modern world it seems that the requirement for items manufactured from plastic is growing rapidly as time goes by, in many situations where natural materials would have been used in the past it is now extremely common for these to be replaced by plastic substitutes. Plastic has many benefits over natural products, one of them being durability, where wooden products require treatment to increase their lifespan, plastic needs no such maintenance over the course of its long life.

Most if not all plastic items manufactured today originate from injection moulding processes using complex machinery, these items are generally machine or hand finished after the moulding process is completed. Hot Runner Injection moulding systems allow intricate objects to be formed from plastic materials for use in many markets ranging from automotive through to household. Regardless of your location, whether it be sitting at home, in the office or even travelling in a car you can be assured that plastic products will be all around, in fact when you really start to think about it there are an incredible number of objects which are manufactured and moulded from plastic.